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Morgan’s Tip of the Week- 2020 Max Comp Rate

Greetings, a few things: Today is 1-time change clean-up day.  Be sure to scan everything from the claimant or their attorney that came in Wednesday or over the weekend.   Look out for anything citing 440.13(2)(f), an “alternative” doctor, etc…We must respond by 4:59 pm today to any Wednesday requests with the name of the doctor […]

This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for the New PMTb in Georgia

By Kenny Bishop, Associate, Atlanta Prior to the establishment of the PMTb, the Petition for Medical Treatment (hereinafter PMT), took effect on July 1, 2017 as a tool Claimants could use to expedite medical treatment or testing requested by an authorized medical provider.  If a PMT is filed, a telephonic conference will be scheduled no […]

To Appeal or Not Appeal – That Is the Question

By: Tara Said, Partner, Pensacola You worked up your case, felt you had great defenses and just knew that the Judge would buy into your argument. You lined up your witnesses and timely filed everything you were going to rely on. There is no way you could lose this hearing. You put on your case, […]

The One With all the Holiday Parties

By: Sabrina Persaud, Associate, Tampa ‘Tis the season! The holidays are here, winter is coming (for all you Frozen fans, that would be Elsa), and we all know what that means – holiday parties! Food, coquito, merriment, dancing, eggnog, work accidents, and so on. No, your eyes have not deceived you and you read that […]

One Time Change Requests and Holidays

By: Alec Powers, Associate, Orlando It’s that time of the year again. There is a palpable sense of bliss is in the air as the major holidays are upon us. It is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and all you want to do is leave work early to get to your family, friends, and pets. Well, […]

Tip of the Week- Legalization of Marijuana (The Start)

Greetings, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary committee approved a bill this week de-criminalizing marijuana at the Federal level.  It will now head to the full House for a vote, and then it would need to be approved by the Senate and then the President would need to sign it before it becomes law.    […]

Turkey Week 1-Time Change Malarkey

Greetings, it’s the season for 1-time change shenanigans.  So here is a refresher and where the law sits on the process. 5 days is 5 days.  If a request comes in Wednesday of Thanksgiving anytime before 5:00 (and that is the faxed or efiled timestamp of 4:59:59 or earlier) your response is due Monday before […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week – Impairment Benefits

Greetings, lately I have received a few questions about impairment benefits (AKA permanent impairment benefits, IB’s or PIB’s). When are they due?   Per 440.15(3)(a) they first payment is due 14 (calendar) days after the carrier has knowledge of the rating.  So the clock starts when you receive the rating from the provider (date stamped at […]

Georgia’s Petition for Medical Treatment – Expansion to Cover Employer’s Request to Compel Attendance at Medical Examination

By:  Trisha Holland Lindsay, Associate, Georgia   On September 1, 2019, the Georgia State Board’s revised 2019 Board Rules went into effect.  The new Rules include a new process allowing Employers and Insurers to request a Teleconference to compel the Claimant to attend medical examinations using the same process recently created to allow Claimants to […]

New Georiga Case Law Clarifying the Intersection of the “Lunch Break Defense” and the “Ingress and Egress Doctrine:”

By: Zachary Kunz, Associate, Georgia   In Georgia, we know that employees who are hurt during a “regularly scheduled break” are generally not compensable. Wilkie v. Travelers Ins. Co., 124 Ga. App. 714 (1971). The so called “Lunch Break Defense” applies even if the injury occurs “within working hours and on the employer’s premises.”  An […]