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Latest Stories from Briefly Speaking

Briefly Speaking – Attorney Fees Issue (8/7/19)

Grisel Hernandez Garcia v. Napa Auto Parts JCC Jacobs: Miami District                          Order Date: July 11, 2019 OJCC Case: 17-022286                         JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: James Payer                     E/C’s Counsel: Kurt Wirsing Hourly Fee Awarded: $335 per hour (based upon a statutory fee) Summary: Claimant’s counsel had a valid Miles fee agreement with the claimant. The […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (7/22/19)

Phillips, Patricia vs. Leon County Public Works & Preferred Government Claims Solutions & Mary Elizabeth Cruickshank First DCA Judges: Makar, Winokur, & Thomas    Order Date: 7/9/2019 JCC Lazzara: Tallahassee District                           Order Date: 10/15/2018 OJCC Case:   14-028030JLN                                               Date of Accident: 6/26/2012         Appellants Counsel:   Randall T. Porcher                 Appellee’s Counsel:  Mary Cruickshank […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (7/17/19)

Addison Drywall/Bridgefield Employers Ins. v. Salvador Torres and CRB Contractors/Normandy Ins. JCC Owens: St. Lucie District                                                  Order Date: 5/13/2019 DCA#:1D18-2901                                                                      Date of Accident: 9/1/2017 E/C #1’s Counsel: William Rogner                                      Claimant’s Cousel: David Wiitala & E/C #2’s Counsel: George […]

Briefly Speaking – Attorney’s Fee Issue (7/12/19)

Debra Green v. BJs Wholesale JCC Ring: Fort Lauderdale District                  Order Date: June 14, 2019 OJCC Case: 18-021952                          JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: Bram Gechtman                E/C’s Counsel: Angel Garcia Hourly Fee Awarded: $250 per hour Summary: Claimant’s Counsel was successful in obtaining an upward adjustment in the Claimant’s average weekly wage. The JCC determined […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (5/8/19)

Falk, Kurt vs. Harris Corporation First DCA Judges: Lewis, Winsor, Thomas           Order Date: 4/11/2019 JCC Dietz: Sebastian/Melbourne District               Order Date: 5/10/2018 OJCC Case:   13-028933RLD                                       Date of Accident: 11/12/2011       Appellants Counsel:   Brigitta […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (4/17/19)

Marine Max, Inc. and Seabright Insurance v. Charles Blair JCC Beck: Sarasota District                                                     Order Date: 3/7/19 DCA#:1D17-3296                                                                      Date of Accident: 5/22/17 E/C’s Counsel: Robert Griffis                                         Claimant’s Counsel: E. Christiansen JCC Order: Click Here   1st DCA Order: Click Here                                                     Claimant’s App. Counsel: Kim Hill Briefly: Medical Benefits   Summary:  The claimant […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (3/12/19)

Swilley, Stephanie vs. Dillards, Inc. JCC Holley: Jacksonville District                     Order Date: 2/28/2019 OJCC Case:   11-024583WRH                      Date of Accident: 9/10/2010                         12-002849WRH                                                     1/7/2012 Claimant’s Counsel:  John Rahaim II       E/C’s Counsel:  Thomas Portuallo JCC Order: Click Here Briefly: Permanent Impairment Benefits    Summary:  Claimant was placed at MMI “from a […]


By: Caitlin Oliver Horowitz, Associate, Orlando I received an interesting phone call from an Employer on a claim recently.  A claim was being actively litigated and settlement negotiations were at a standstill.  The claimant was denied indemnity benefits and was missing work to attend mandatory events associated with her claim – depositions, mediations, doctor’s appointments.  […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (2/25/19)

Ionel Magdalinis v. Brilliant Blue LLC. JCC Jacobs: Miami District                                          Order Date: 1/24/2019 OJCC Case: # 18-018186JIJ                                          Date of Accident: 4/9/18 Claimant’s Counsel: Pro Se                                     E/C’s Counsel:  Ryan Knight JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: Fraud/Misrepresentation  Summary:  Claimant testified in deposition that on April 9, 2018 the owner of Brilliant Blue, LLC accidently struck him […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Summaries (1/30/19)

James, Christopher Kyle vs. Elite Signs & Graphics, O Town Graphix, LLC JCC Anderson: Daytona Beach District      Order Date: 1/7/2019 OJCC Case:   18-015445WWA                     Date of Accident: 5/15/2018 Claimant’s Counsel:  Michael MacDonald  E/C’s Counsel:  Shari Hall JCC Order: Click Here Briefly: Compensability (course and scope)   Summary:  Claimant worked for the insured as […]