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Latest Stories from FL Legal Updates

Florida’s 2021 COVID Lawsuit Limitation Law

  Wes Heim – Tampa wheim@eraclides.com   Just a few days ago Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 72 into law and, in doing so, created a robust shield against the anticipated onslaught of COVID-19 lawsuits within the State of Florida. Generally, the provisions of the law are assured to deflect all but the most egregious […]

COVID-19 and The OJCC

With the pandemic upon us it should be no surprise there has already been a direct impact to the Florida Workers’ Compensation System. Monitoring the OJCC Orders docket closely, I have collected Orders demonstrating how the OJCC has been dealing with the pandemic and associated considerations thus far. Here are just a few cliff notes of what […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Summaries (6/22/17)

By:                    Ryan M. Knight – Miami Contributor:   Tara Said – Pensacola To receive daily e-mails with case law summaries, please email esantos@eralcides.com JCC ORDERS Teresa Russell v. Residence Inn JCC Holley: Jacksonville District                           Order Date: May 26, 2017 OJCC Case: 16-009566                                              Date of Accident: 02/24/2015 Claimant’s Counsel: Michael Rudolph                E/C’s Counsel:  David Drill […]

FL Case Law Summaries – 4/21/16

BY: Thomas G. Portuallo To receive daily e-mails with case law summaries, e-mail: Esantos@eraclides.com 1ST DCA ORDERS Martha Miles v. City of Edgewater Police Dept./Preferred Governmental Claims Solutions and State of Florida Appeal of the Order from JCC Mark Massey DCA Order Date: April 20, 2016                           Case: 1D15-0165; D/A: 8/3/2011 & 11/29/2011 Appellant’s Counsel: Michael J. […]

FL Case Law Summaries – 4/20/16

BY: Thomas G. Portuallo To receive daily e-mails with case law summaries, e-mail: Esantos@eraclides.com JCC ORDERS Erlan Charles v. R.E. Rich Family Holding Corp./Travelers Insurance JCC Kerr; Miami District; Order Date: April 18, 2016 OJCC Case: 15-021046MGK; D/A: 5/13/2015 Claimant’s Counsel: Clifford Moskowitz Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Patricia Perez Briefly: PENALTIES AND INTEREST – JCC Kerr found there […]

FL Case Law Summaries – 4/19/16

BY: Thomas G. Portuallo To receive daily e-mails with case law summaries, e-mail: Esantos@eraclides.com 1ST DCA ORDERS Bonnie J. Scott v. Sears Holding Corporate and Sedgwick Claims, as Servicing Agent for AIG Appeal of the Order from JCC McAliley DCA Order Date: April 14, 2016 Case: 1D15-3787; D/A: 10/23/1999 Appellant’s Counsel: Mark Zientz Appellee’s Counsel: Mary […]

FL Case Law Summaries – 1/28/16

BY:  Thomas G. Portuallo JCC ORDERS William VanWinter v. Frank Crum/Broadspire JCC Humphries; Jacksonville District; Order Date: January 26, 2016  OJCC Case: 12-003988RJH; D/A: 10/17/2011 Claimant’s Counsel: Daniel J. Glary Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: J. Craig Delesie, Jr. Briefly: ATTORNEY’S FEES – JCC Humphries found claimant’s counsel was not entitled to attorney’s fees because the Petition for […]

FL Case Law Summaries – 1/27/16

BY:     Thomas G. Portuallo 1ST DCA ORDERS Nick Panebianco, Esq., the former attorney for the Employee/Claimant/Elizabeth Vasquez v. Jackson Health System and Cannon Cochran Management Services, Inc., and Elizabeth Vasquez Appeal of the Order from JCC Rosen DCA Order Date: January 25, 2016                       Case: 1D14-5501; D/A: 11/3/2007 Appellant’s Counsel: Nick Panebianco and Wendy […]

FL Tip of the Week: Update on New Constitutional Challenge

Greetings, the Florida Supreme Court has set a date for Oral Arguments in Stahl, April 6, 2016.  The claimant’s counsel is arguing that the 2003 statutory changes went too far in reducing benefits and workers have been deprived of rights because they are blocked from pursuing claims in civil court, outside of WC.  Still no […]