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Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Late reporting issues

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Greetings, “Lately” I have had few cases dealing with the untimely reporting of claims.  With a few exceptions (see the statute below), a claimant has 30 days to report the accident to the employer or be barred from filing a claim.  A few things that have come up recently: Reporting the accident but refusing initial […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week-Idiopathic analysis and responsibility

Greetings, idiopathic claims remain some of the most difficult claims to navigate.  Lately I have had a few questions on what and when we are responsible in an idiopathic claim in FL.   The 1st DCA did issue a good case back in February, Silberberg, and my Tip on that is below.  To summarize where we […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Hospital bills on a PFB

Greetings, earlier this week we did a live CEU for a client (boy is it good to get out and see everyone again), and I thought it would be a good refresher to cover how to handle Hospital bills listed on a PFB. One of the problems we often face is the hospital bill may […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Unauthorized Treatment

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Greetings, Lately I have had a few cases where the claimant sought treatment on their own outside of the WC system, so I thought it would be a good reminder of how that is handled in the Florida WC system. If a claimant has surgery on their own or treats with a psychiatrist outside of […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- 14/120/MCC fun

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Greetings, my Tip of the Week last week touched on the 120-day rule and I got some good follow up questions, and requests for more detail about the 14 days, 120 days and Major Contributing Cause.  So I will attempt to lay it out without getting too far down any rabbit holes: (The FL WC […]

EG Gazette- July 2022

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Can You Even Lift, Bro?—Using Pre-Employment Physicals to Defend TN Claims Author: Ben Norris, Associate, Nashville When hiring for a position that involves physically demanding work, it is important for employers to verify each job candidate can do the work required without putting themselves or others at increased risk of an on-the-job injury. To make […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- PFB responses and the 120 day rule

Greetings,  I just presented a Florida CEU this morning and thought this would be a good refresher for everyone. Not responding to a PFB is the same as denying the requested benefits EXCEPT in two key circumstances: The Statute of Limitation has expired.  In this case you must respond to the PFB and state the […]

Briefly Speaking: Georgia Form Update By: Jordan Goldring

Jordan Goldring, Atlanta Attorney

As of July 1, 2022, there have been changes to many of the State Board forms. Beginning October 1, 2022 outdated forms will be returned. The majority of the changes were minor and were to reflect the increase in the maximum TTD an TPD rates, $725 and $483 respectively, for all injuries occurring after July […]

Briefly Speaking July 2022 Author: Felicia Wymer Editors: Yosue Ochoa & Sabrina Persaud

Jackie Vitali v. Property Care Solutions, LLC, Avalon HR, LLC JCC Walker: Pensacola District                                 Order Date: 6/10/2022 OJCC Case No: 21-017496                                         Date of Accident: 7/4/2020   E/C Counsel: Tara Said JCC Order: Click Here Briefly: Late Reporting/Compensability Summary:  The claimant, a housekeeping supervisor for the insured, filed a Petition for Benefits alleging repetitive trauma […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Projecting the impact of a recession

Greetings,  The news these days seems filled with doom and gloom about inflation leading to a looming recession.  The question then is what will be the impact on WC claims.   Looking back at the last major recession, which was officially from December 2007 to June 2009, does give us some idea what the future may […]