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Morgan’s Tip of the Week- FL Litigation at a glance half way through 2024

Greetings, Well hard to believe we crossed the half-way point in 2024.  I thought it would be a good time to look and see where the amount of litigation stands as compared to last year. So, through the first 6 months of 2024, the number of new litigated cases in Florida was down slightly. Number […]

EG Summer 2024 Gazette

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Chief Editor: Tracie Childers, Associate, Orlando Editor: Lexi West, Junior Partner, Atlanta Editor: Libby Nelson, Associate, Orlando Wages in Lieu of Compensation By: Joel Brakken, Associate, Jacksonville So You Have to get Deposed! By: Chance Cuellar, Associate, Atlanta Too Little, Too Late: Statute of Limitations Issues in Georgia WC Claims By: Jordan Goldring, Associate, Atlanta […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Thanksgiving in July (1-time changes)

Greetings, as I was planning out my BBQ menu for next week it hit me.  July 4th falls on a Thursday; the week looks an awful lot like Thanksgiving week.  That means it is ripe for the shenanigans of claimant’s 1-time change requests under 440.13 (2)(f). Due to a series of decisions by the 1st […]

Briefly Speaking – June 2024

Editor: Felicia Wymer, Partner, Pensacola Author: Travis Coleman, Junior Partner, Tampa Author: Libby Nelson, Associate, Orlando Nelson Beaubrun v. American Airlines, Inc. and Sedgwick CMS JCC Jacobs: Miami District                                       Order Date: 05-21-2024 OJCC Case: 24-002852JIJ                                          Date of Accident: 12-19-2023 JCC Order: Click Here Briefly: Advance Summary: The claimant sought an advance payment due to […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- MMI, are we done yet?

Greetings, Florida has some nuances regarding Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI), so here are some reminders: MMI is defined in the statute as 440.02(10) “Date of maximum medical improvement” means the date after which further recovery from, or lasting improvement to, an injury or disease can no longer reasonably be anticipated, based upon reasonable medical probability. As […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- (Update) Pending FL fee schedule changes

Greetings, An update on the pending bill increasing the Florida fee schedule for physicians.   The bill was finally officially sent to the Governor for signature on Friday 6/7/24    (along with a slew of other bills to sign including CS/HB 87 – Taking of Bears (not sure whether you can or cannot take bears but I’m […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- 1st DCA clarifies the SOL

Greetings, You may recall a Tip that I did last year about a potential drastic change to how the Fla 1st DCA was applying the Statute of Limitations in the Annalie Ortiz v. Winn-Dixie, Inc (1D21-0885) case The DCA’s opinion in Ortiz was put on hold pending Motions for Rehearing, and it has just sat […]

Briefly Speaking- May 2024

Editor: Felicia Wymer, Partner, Pensacola Office Authors: Travis Coleman, Junior Partner, Tampa Office and Libby Nelson, Associate, Orlando Office Raul Fonte v. ECU Worldwide and Memic Indemnity Company JCC Kerr: Miami District                                          Order Date: 04-24-2024 OJCC Case: 23-012326MGK                                      Date of Accident: 04-27-2023 JCC Order: Click Here Briefly: Repetitive Trauma Summary: The claimant, a forklift […]

Pending Marijuana changes and the impact on FL, GA and TN Work Comp

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the pending changes regarding the Federal government reducing marijuana to a Schedule III drug, allowing for its medicinal use.  Below are summaries regarding the state of medical marijuana in Workers’ Compensation in our three states and what the looming changes may mean for the future. By Morgan […]