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Latest Stories from TN Legal Updates

TBWC Decisions: Week of November 9-13, 2015

BY:  Allen Callison Appeals Board Order Joseph Willis v. All Staff Docket: 2014-05-0005 Judge: Marshall Davidson        Claimant’s Counsel: Gene Hallworth Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Duane Willis Briefly: Appeals Board reversed the Trial Court’s award of medical and indemnity benefits.  Chiefly, the Appeals Board found that the Trial Court failed to utilize the new standard of compensability, i.e. […]

A Primer on Retaliatory Discharge in Tennessee

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By: Allen Callison, Associate, Nashville Following the passage and implementation of the Workers’ Compensation Reform Act of 2013, we have seen the number of Tennessee workers’ compensation claims fall. In discussing this issue with members of the plaintiff’s bar, they are already turning their attention to a new source of revenue that they had previously chosen […]

TN Case Law Summaries: 10/12/15 – 10/16/15

BY:  Allen Callison Expedited Hearing Orders Sean East v. Heritage Hosiery Docket: 2014-01-0009 Judge: Tom Wyatt Claimant’s Counsel: Brent McIntosh Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Charles Poss Briefly: In his second expedited hearing, the Claimant sought additional medical benefits and TTD benefits.  The Employer presented evidence from ATP that the Claimant’s work contributed to the condition, but less […]

TN TBWC Decisions: 10/5/15 – 10/9/15

By:  Allen Callison Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Orders Expedited Appeal Orders   Shawn Caskey v. Powers Pizza, LLC Docket No. 205-04-0038 Judge: David Hensley Claimant’s Counsel: Pro se Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Nick Akins Briefly: Claimant alleged a skin condition and anxiety problem that arose primarily out of his employment.  Judge Durham found that the Claimant was […]

TN – TBWC Decisions: 9/28/15 – 10/2/15

            By: Allen Callison Compensation Appeal Orders Verna Silas v. Brock Services (link) Docket No. 2014-02-0013 Judge: David Hensley Claimant’s Counsel: Pro se Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Brad Griffith Briefly: Following denial of benefits at the expedited hearing stage, it is appropriate for trial court to dismiss the Claimant’s petition for benefits […]

TN – TBWC Decisions, Sept 21-25

By: Allen Callison Week of September 21 through September 25, 2015  Expedited Appeal Orders Mitchel Helgerson v. Packer Sanitation Services, Inc. Docket: 2014-03-0023 Judge: David Hensley Claimant’s Counsel: David Sexton Employer/Carrier’s Counsel: Charles Gilbreath Briefly:  Claimant is not required to prove medical causation at the expedited hearing level, but merely is requited to show that […]

TN Update – Unemployment Rates

By:  Allen Callison | Attorney On August 27th, Tennessee released its updated county-by-county unemployment rates.  Although unemployment rates didn’t matter under the “old” law, under the “new” law, the unemployment rate can be an important factor in calculating the Claimant’s vocational disability if there is no meaningful return to work.  Under the new law, if […]