Morgan’s Tip of the Week – DOAH Annual Stats


DOAH has published their annual report for fiscal year 2017-2018 (July 1-June 30).  The link is attached but do not hit print unless you want 297 pages.

Overall, the number of new litigated files is down slightly from the last year, 30,470, down 2.7%.  This is consistent with the NCCI WC rate reduction due to a reduced number of claims.

The number of PFB’s filed overall is about the same, at just over 70,000 (and no they aren’t all on your desk).  This is on open and new claims.

Claimant’s atty fees were up 7%, that’s after a jump of 36% after the law changes in 2016.  It appears to be leveling off.

Defense fees were basically the same as the year before.

Basically it appears that litigation is leveling off after the bump following the 2016 law changes.

Morgan Indek | Partner