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Pending Marijuana changes and the impact on FL, GA and TN Work Comp

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the pending changes regarding the Federal government reducing marijuana to a Schedule III drug, allowing for its medicinal use.  Below are summaries regarding the state of medical marijuana in Workers’ Compensation in our three states and what the looming changes may mean for the future. By Morgan […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- 120-day rule and subsequent conditions

Greetings, After we accept a claim as compensable, sometimes new conditions arise that may or may not be compensable.  A great example of this is a referral to a psychiatrist from the authorized doctor.  In this instance, where a new condition arises more than 120 days after the accident, are we stuck with it because […]

EG Gazette- November 2023

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Articles: Fights, Drugs and Alcohol – By: Chance Cuellar – Atlanta, GA Remote Work Injuries in Tennessee: Compensable or Nah? – By: Ben Norris – Nashville, TN Late Reported Claims: Cautions about Claimants and Employers – By: Hunter Trubatch – Miami, FL Editors: Kayli Marston – West Palm Beach, FL Alex Rukab – Jacksonville, FL […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- FL new immigration law and WC

Greetings, I have a received a few questions about the impact Florida Senate Bill 1718 will have on Florida WC.  The new law imposes stricter penalties on those who smuggle unauthorized aliens, etc…but a few provisions will have an indirect effect on WC.  Taken from the Florida Senate’s summary of the new law (link below), […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Potential caselaw change to FL WC SOL

Greetings, If any of you have attended our firm’s CEU’s or webinars over the years, you have likely heard us explain the Florida WC Statute of Limitations as “2 years from the date of accident or 1 year from the last provision of a benefit, whichever is later.”   And that is how the courts and […]

Morgan’s Tip of the Week- Traveling to and from work

Greetings, Last week the 1st DCA issued a decision regarding travel to work when the claimant did not have a fixed workplace but rather traveled to various jobsites.  The case (DSK Group, Inc. v. Hernandez) is attached.  The claimant was an electrician, and as he was driving in his personal vehicle from his home to […]

Morgan’s Tip of the week- Testing on unauthorized body parts

Greetings, We often see a doctor recommend treatment/testing to “rule in or rule out” that the injury is the cause of the ongoing symptoms or complaints.  Common examples are blood work to see if there is any possible disease, a cervical MRI on a wrist/shoulder injury, bilateral EMG’s for comparison, etc….The doctor is in essence […]

Subrogation in Georgia: The Dog Bites, but it’s Bark is Still Much Worse, By Aaron Conley, Associate, Atlanta

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When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, one of the more complicated and overlooked (possibly due to its difficulty) issues is subrogation.  This combination of challenges is only made more daunting when it comes to subrogation under the Workers’ Compensation Act in Georgia.   Over the years, subrogation in Georgia has developed a nasty reputation that […]

What Is This Petition For Benefits Even Requesting? – Knocking Out Requests That Lack Specificity, By Hunter Trubatch, Associate, Miami

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We have all seen Petitions for Benefits (PFB) that request a litany of things. But have you even found yourself asking what specifically the PFB is requesting? Florida Statute §440.02(40) states that PFBs must be plead with specificity meaning referrals for any specialist must be attached, bills for payment/compensability must be attached or the specific […]