Morgan’s Tip of the Week – The End of Federal Unemployment


Florida has announced an early end to the $300 Federal Unemployment benefit on 6/26/21.  The Federal Benefit was slated to expire on 9/6/21, but several states have ended the program earlier.  Florida will revert back to the state maximum of $275 a week.   If you are taking an offset this will have to be adjusted as of 6/26.

I would recommend sending out DWC-19’s for June.   In the past, the Federal UE had run out and was extended (twice), but this time it appears a for real end as it is the state refusing the boost, not the law expiring.

As an aside, because many of you work with our other offices, GA is ending 6/26 and TN is ending 7/3.  If you want information on the impact in those states, please let me know and I will connect you with our attorneys.


Morgan Indek | Managing Partner