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Latest Stories from Briefly Speaking

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (3/11/21)

Edgardo Rossy v. W.S. Badcock Corporation and Commercial Risk Management, Inc. JCC Arthur: Lakeland District                                       Order Date: 2/12/2021 OJCC Case: # 20-012782                                               Date of Accident: 5/24/2020 , 6/29/2020 Claimant’s Counsel:     Pat T. DiCesare                         E/C Counsel: Juliana L. Curtis JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: Intervening Accident, Arising out of/Course & Scope Summary:  The […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (11/25/20)

Adriana Santiago v. SBA Communication Corp. JCC Hedler:   West Palm Beach District                            Order date:   11/4/2020  OJCC Case:   20-001834TAH                                          Date of Accident:   11/25/2019 Claimant’s Counsel:   Brian Vassallo                          […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (11/13/20)

Bruce Lieske v. Airco Aviation Services, LLC and Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. JCC Owens: Port St. Lucie District                               Order Date: 10/12/2020 OJCC Case: # 20-008054                                               Date of Accident: 11/11/2019 Claimant’s Counsel:     Richard Robbins                       E/C Counsel: Scott B. Miller JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: Major Contributing Cause Summary:  The claimant sustained a heart attack, […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (8/31/20)

Mary Thompson v. Escambia County School Board First DCA Judges: Lewis, Roberts, and Makar         Order date:  8/17/2020 JCC Winn:   Pensacola District                                     Order date:   10/11/2019   OJCC Case:   18-008411NSW                                           Date of Accident:    12/7/2017 Appellant’s Counsel:   Michael J. Winer                     Appellee’s Counsel:   Joseph L. Hammons Appellate Order:  Click Here Briefly:  IME/authorization […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (8/24/20)

Ivan Lopez v. Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, Inc. JCC Sojourner:   Orlando District                        Order date:   7/16/2020      OJCC Case:   19-015951MES                              Date of Accident:    3/28/2018 Pro Se Claimant:   Ivan Lopez                              E/C’s Counsel:   Morgan A. Indek JCC Order:  Click Here Briefly:  Compensability  Summary:    The pro se Claimant sought compensability of […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (8/3/20)

Donald Barry v. B Hoover Ventures Inc. and Employers Preferred Insurance Company JCC Humphries: Jacksonville District               Order Date: 6/19/2020 OJCC Case: # 19-028179                                               Date of Accident: 10/16/2019 Claimant’s Counsel:     Yuli Kotler                                 E/C Counsel: Colin J. McLean JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: No Accident/Injury Summary:  The claimant alleged he suffered a work-related accident while […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates: Attorney Fee Issue (7/7/20)

ATTORNEY FEE ISSUE Carlton Dawson v. Dynamic Precision Group JCC Johnson: West Palm Beach                       Order Date: June 12, 2020 OJCC Case: 19-005502                                     JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: Michelle McGhee               E/C’s Counsel: Mike Kiner Hourly Fee […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (4/8/20)

Edgar Santana v. EFN West Palm Motor Sales JCC Hedler:   West Palm Beach District                      Order date:   2/28/2020   OJCC Case:   19-004619TAH                                           Date of Accident:   1/24/2019 Claimant’s Counsel:   Marcos R. Gonzalez                E/C’s Counsel:   Sal Richardson JCC Order:   Click Here Briefly:  Compensability Summary:    The Claimant was involved in a motor […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (3/30/20)

Marek Krysiak v. City of Kissimmee, Toho Water Authority, Preferred Gov’t Claims Solutions JCC Sculco: Orlando District                                        Order Date: 2/13/2020 1 DCA Case #: 1D18-5241 OJCC Case: # 18-005944                                               Date of Accident: 10/12/2016 Appellant’s Counsel:    Will B. Ramhofer;                     Appellee’s Counsel: Kristen L. Magana JCC Order: Click Here   DCA Opinion: Click Here Briefly: […]

Briefly Speaking – Case Law Updates (2/3/20)

School District of Indian River County/Ascension Benefits v. Edward Cruce, deceased First DCA Judges: Thomas, Ray, Wolf                Order date: 11/27/2019 JCC Dietz: Sebastian/Melbourne District          Order date: 7/21/2017 OJCC Case: 16-021570RLD                              […]