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Latest Stories from Briefly Speaking

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Summaries (12/7/18)

Robert W. Caszatt v. Polk Air Conditioning Inc. and Bridgefield, Retailfirst JCC Rosen: St. Petersburg District                     Order Date: 11/5/2018 OJCC Case: 12-001739SLR                               Date of Accident: 5/6/2011 Claimant’s Counsel: Bradley Smith                   E/C’s Counsel:  Bruno DeZayas JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: Medical Benefits Summary:  The claimant suffered a compensable workplace accident in which he claimed […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Attorney Fee Issue (11/15/2018)

Manuel Sainz v. ESI Group JCC Massey: Tampa District                              Order Date: October 1, 2018 OJCC Case:  15-007666                                      JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: Ivan D. Voronec                 E/C’s Counsel: David K. Beach Hourly Fee Awarded: $914.10 (via Stat-fee) Summary:  Claimant’s […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Summaries (11/12/18)

Ashline, Judith vs. Texican Inc. JCC Winn: Pensacola District                            Order Date: October 25, 2018 OJCC Case: 17-026985NSW                              Date of Accident: October 25, 2016 Claimant’s Counsel: J. Rod Cameron                E/C’s Counsel:  Tara L. Said JCC Order: Click Here Summary: Fraud/Misrepresentation – Claimant was on a work trip when she was involved in a […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates (11/7/18)

Osvaldo Reyes v. Eagle Doors, Inc. JCC Kerr: Miami District                                                           Order Date: 10/3/18 OJCC Case: # 18-008725MGK                                                   Date of Accident: 11/7/2017 Claimant’s Counsel:     Ricardo Morales                                  E/C’s Counsel:  Andrew Borah JCC Order: Click Here   Briefly: One time Change Summary:  Claimant suffered a compensable work injury and was receiving medical treatment. The Adjuster […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates (10/3/18)

Whiteside, John vs. Amazon.com DEDC, LLC JCC Arthur: Lakeland District                                     Order Date: September 17, 2018 OJCC Case: 17-026675RAA                              Date of Accident: 11/11/2016 Claimant’s Counsel:   Bradley G. Smith         E/C’s Counsel:  Michael R. Beane      JCC Order: Click Here Summary: Apportionment – Claimant suffered an injury to his right knee, sustaining a meniscal tear of […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates (8/6/18)

Samuel Phillips v. Tyson Foods JCC Winn: Pensacola District                            Order Date: July 7, 2018 OJCC Case: 17-023047                                    Date of Accident: May 2, 1976 Claimant’s Counsel: Douglas H. Glicken            E/C’s Counsel:  Tara L. Said JCC Order: Click Here   Summary: Statute of Limitations – Claimant’s counsel filed PFB’s for medical care, ongoing PTD benefits, compensability […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates (7/31/18)

Lawrence P. Levin v. Spencer Gifts Holdings JCC Sojourner: Lakeland District                                   Opinion Date: July 5, 2018 OJCC Case: 11-029044                                                      Date of Accident: January 1, 2011 Claimant’s Trial Counsel: Matthew Valdes                    E/C’s Trial Counsel: Sean Crosby Claimant’s Appellate Counsel: Matthew Valdes            E/C’s Appellate Counsel: William Rogner JCC Order: Click Here                                                       […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Attorney’s Fees Updates (7/5/18)

Carol Prokap v. PRP Wine International JCC Weiss: Ft. Myers District                            Order Date: June 1, 2018 OJCC Case: 13-029487                                      JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: Brian Sutter                      E/C’s Counsel: Thaddeus Harrell Hourly Fee Awarded: $300 per hour Summary: The Judge concluded that 70.45 hours were reasonably incurred in procuring the various benefits. […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Updates (7/3/18)

Robert Williams v. Wells Fargo JCC Dietz: Melbourne District                                         Opinion Date: June 5, 2018 OJCC Case: 17-005854                                                  Date of Accident: November 23, 2016 Claimant’s Trial Counsel: Daniel DeCiccio                    E/C’s Trial Counsel: Sean Callahan Claimant’s Appellate Counsel: Wayne Johnson            E/C’s Appellate Counsel: Tara Said JCC Order: Click Here                                                   1st DCA […]

Briefly Speaking – FL Case Law Update (5/4/18)

April 2018 Attorney Fees & Costs Orders   Marilyn Kay Kopp v. Heartland Dental JCC Dietz: Melbourne District                        Order Date: April 5, 2018 OJCC Case:  17-004257                                    JCC Order: Click Here Claimant’s Counsel: Michael J. Celeste        E/C’s Counsel: Justin R. Crum Hourly Fee Awarded: $300/hour for Partner and $200/hour for Associate Summary: Claimant’s Counsel obtained […]