Morgan’s Tip of the Week- FL fee schedule changes signed into law 6/17/24m effective date 1/1/25

Greetings, yesterday the Governor signed the pending bill SB 362 increasing the FL WC medical fee schedule effective 1/1/2025.  The increase for medical services is from 110 percent to 175 percent of the reimbursement amount allowed by Medicare, with surgical procedures increasing from 140 percent of Medicare to 210 percent.

Hopefully this will bring more doctors into the FL WC system, and allow us to move claims faster to offset the increased medical costs.   This is also something to keep in mind when we are valuing claims over the next several months as we get closer to 2025 and the increase.

I’ll address these changes further in both the upcoming 4 Hour webinar on 6/26 and our July 26 CEU Dinner in Tampa.

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Morgan Indek | Managing Partner