Tip of the week- Updated WC Covid stats from the state

Greetings,  I miss doing tips about carpal tunnel and stuff.

The FL Department of Financial Services has released an updated report on the Covid WC claims statistics through 7/31/21.  A link to the entire report is below, but here are some nuggets I pulled from the report:

  • There have been 46,505 compensable Covid indemnity claims, 4% have been in the First Responder and Healthcare fields (Health and Education and Public Administration buckets from page 15).
  • Cases are on the rise again in Florida, 11% of claims were Covid related in June, 40% in July, August is not available yet.
  • 43,797 of the compensable Covid claims cost less than $5,000, but many are still open and growing.
  • There have been 67 compensable Covid death claims

As always, I am available for compensability questions.


Morgan Indek Managing Partner