Morgan’s Tip of the Week – FL COVID WC Stats

Greetings, the Florida Division of Workers’ Comp just put out a report summarizing the data from the COVID-19 claims through August 31.   A link to the full report is below.  My colleague We Heim in our Tampa office will be doing a deeper dive in an upcoming article, but here are a few things that leapt out to me from their report:

  • There have been 17,653 COVID WC claims filed (31% of all WC claims filed are COVID). July was by far the highest with 6,000.  August was only 1,000.
  • Only 24 were death claims of the 17,653 claims. (it doesn’t say how many of these were compensable versus denied)
  • 7,708 have been denied, roughly 10,000 accepted or not denied yet at least.
  • Of the 10,000 accepted claims, 44% are First Responders, 31% are Healthcare workers (75% between the two fields).  
  • 60% of office workers and service industry workers claims have been denied.
  • The top counties for claims mirror the state, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach with 49% of the claims between them.
  • 97% of the claims have cost under $5k (so far anyway…)
  • Only 43 litigated claims so far anyway. 

Here’s a link to the full report:

Morgan  Indek | Managing Partner