Morgan’s Tip of the Week – New Unemployment Assistance

Greetings and happy 2021!

On December 30, the Federal Budget was signed into law (Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021), and as a part of that bill was the Coronavirus relief measures (Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021)  The bill is 5,393 pages, it is not a real page-turner. The bill provides for $600 stimulus checks, and also extends the Federal Unemployment assistance (starts on page 1,927).  The bill provides for an additional $300 in Federal unemployment assistance from 12/26/20-3/14/20.  Anyone that has not used their full 50 weeks can get this increase till 4/5/2021.

With the Federal increase, Unemployment in Florida will be a max of $575 a week for this window.

In Florida Workers’ Comp, Unemployment is an offset to any TPD payments and a bar to TTD payments.    Send out DWC-19’s for December, January, February, March and April to capture any UE payments.  As a reminder, you calculate any TPD owed, and then deduct the UE as an offset.  It does not go into the 80%/80% formula as earnings.


Morgan Indek | Managing Partner