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Latest Stories from Eraclides Gazette

Employer/Carrier Paid Costs

Ryan Knight, Associate, Miami For as long as most people in the industry can remember, the standard response on all petitions for benefits was “No PICA due or owing.” That all changed, however, with Judge Hedler’s opinion in Alfronseca v. Marco Barquero Painting, Inc., OJCC Case No. 16-009562TAH (October 13, 2017).  In this case, Judge […]

Could Data From a Claimant’s Fitbit Be More Useful Than Surveillance?

Chris Niemiec, Partner, Jacksonville   I recently took the deposition of a Claimant who was alleging a knee injury with ongoing complaints of pain and difficulty walking. To my surprise, he was wearing a Fitbit device on his wrist during the deposition. Wearable devices manufactured by companies such as Fitbit, Apple, and Google are designed […]

Injuries Suffered at Holiday Parties

By: Mallorie Milord, Associate, Miami The holiday season is always a time that brings people in the workplace together. Whether your office is hosting a potluck holiday party at the office, at a co-worker’s house, or at a nice restaurant, it’s bound to be a good time. The last thing on anyone’s mind is an […]

I Thought We Were On A Break?

By: Kenny Bishop, Associate, Atlanta Generally speaking, a Georgia Workers’ Compensation injury is compensable when an employee is injured while engaged in reasonable ingress or egress, and an injury is not compensable when an employee is injured while on a scheduled break. But what happens if an employee is injured while reasonably coming or going […]

‘Tis the Season…al Employee

By: Chelsea England Leonard, Associate, Orlando As the holiday season heats up, a parallel surge of hiring seasonal staff may have already reached its boiling point. ‘Tis the season of the seasonal employee.   The emergence of the seasonal employee brings with it the age-old question: what happens to Kenny, the liberal arts college student who […]

Major Proposed Reform to the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act

Matt Williams, Partner, Birmingham Holiday greetings! Below is a report from the Executive Director of a Task force formed to make recommendations regarding sweeping changes to the Workers’ Compensation Act: Members of the Task Force were evenly divided between defense lawyers and plaintiffs’ lawyers. In addition, there were lawyers who were counsel for group funds, […]

A Three Course Thanksgiving Feast of Florida Thanksgiving Themed Caselaw

Sean Jordan, Associate, Orlando The poor doomed turkey is often the theme of Thanksgiving tables. In addition to ending up as the main course, you may find turkeys on decorations, platters, paper napkins, and more. Not often, though, do you get to see “Tom the Turkey” featured in Florida Workers’ Compensation case law.  In honor […]

Thanks Food

Sean Callahan, Associate, Orlando Fall is upon us! Technically… As many of you know, here in Florida we are generally deprived of many of the environmental changes experienced by our northern brethren (looking at you EG Nashville office).  Rather than a transformation of our landscapes to a sea of reds, yellows, and oranges, Florida’s autumn […]

You Didn’t Have to Buy the Farm!

David Drill, Partner, Jacksonville We have all heard the expression “You bought the farm,” which means that you unwittingly made a purchase of something you did not want or had no intention to buy. Buying the farm in the workers’ compensation setting means you have unintentionally accepted compensability of an injury, condition, or procedure through […]